About us

Founded in 2017, Deepworkz Media Services provides impactful content creation, public relations, and marketing services to Information Technology, datacentre, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), wireless and telecom firms.

Over the last few years, Deepworkz B2B content services has established itself as a credible, trusted and reliable content marketing agency for telecom and technology companies. Our strong technology expertise and experience enables content development that truly resonates with your brand and unique requirement.

Nobody understands the technology ecosystem better than us. This, coupled with our experience of working with several global brands, allows us to produce world-class content.

What Differentiates Us from Others

Being a journalist-led content writing agency, we believe in in-depth research before we even start to work on a particular content piece. This approach is our hallmark and allows us to create B2B content that delivers on the brief and stands the test of time.

We, at Deepworkz, work with a team of carefully selected experienced writers who not only come with technical expertise, but are also passionate about delivering content they are proud of.

We have built a reputation of working with integrity and credibility. So, no hidden costs and unexpected delays with us.

Our industry knowledge and rich experience allow us to offer creative services that stand out and help you meet marketing objectives.

We are skilled in unraveling the technology jargon and buzzwords to ensure easy-to-understand, engaging B2B content creation.

How We Work

Understand your requirements
In-depth research
Raise questions
Collaborative approach
Complete honesty/Integrity at all levels
Deliver world-class content/Campaigns

Our Team

Telecom journalist with almost two decades of rich experience, Gagandeep Kaur specialises in producing compelling and impactful content in line with your unique requirement

Gagandeep Kaur

Former editor of Dataquest, Shweta has worked with several global technology leaders in producing content to help them meet their marketing and business goals

Shweta Verma