14 Apr, 2023

Here’s how offshore content agency can cost-effectively revitalize your content strategy

Typically, the decision to outsource content production range from a skills shortage to gain new efficiencies to an acute need to reduce the cost of producing content. However, the fact is that offshore content agency offers wide-ranging benefits and can cost-effectively transform your operations.

According to a report by Provoke Insights, 42% of companies claim that they lack the resources and skills to create and publish compelling content. While offshore outsourcing is an accepted and proven business strategy in the technology departments, that is not the case for the marketing department. The tendency is to look for content partners in your country or region, but this may not necessarily be a smart strategy.

Content agencies based in other regions sometimes offer a significant cost advantage while ensuring quality. A content agency in a different part of the world with proven expertise in your domain and experience of working with global clients might help you in several ways:

Access to experts in the field
Outsourcing parts of your content production is not just about financial gains. It allows you to access specialized talent from different countries, which might not be possible otherwise. Knowledge sharing helps the business to improve its processes and services. Many offshore content companies work with global businesses in several regions and through the expertise, they have gained over the years, they can help you learn some of the best practices.
Global view on content strategy
A content partner from a different region with experience of working with clients across the world comes with a global viewpoint instead of a confined region-specific approach. Through such partners, you can benefit from varied points of view and diverse approaches to content production.
Reach your marketing goals faster
There are several mundane tasks associated with content production and an offshore content agency can take these completely off your table. This means that you will be able to produce content faster and efficiently and still have more time to plan new content-related initiatives, thus helping you to get more bang for your buck.
Outsourcing content production or distribution-related tasks to an offshore partner in a region with easy availability of skilled writers and designers is a great decision that will continue to reap benefits for a long time. This will also free up your resources that can be diverted to focus on your core business operations to ultimately increase profits.
Businesses can also take advantage of time zone differences in offshore outsourcing by using the resources offshores to operate during odd hours in their region. This ensures 24/7 continuity of operations.
Cost Effectiveness
Outsourcing brings down operational costs, optimizes resources, and enhances efficiency. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a digital marketing manager is $123,899 per year, and of an SEO specialist is $47,752 per year. Considering additional expenses that come with having an in-house team, like insurance, taxes, and retirement plans, the total sum rises considerably. By outsourcing, a business can save on overall operational costs, staff wages and taxation, thus significantly bringing down the overall expense. Further, organizations that outsource overseas achieve, on average, savings of around 15%.

Let's breakdown some key points to consider while selecting an offshore content partner:

Ensuring due diligence
Start your search by simply exploring their website or through Google searches. Their websites or social media pages give you a fair idea about the niche they operate in, their clientele, and the services they offer. The next step is to review the references (shared by the agency), testimonials and case studies to find out whether it is the right content partner for your company.

Check if the company matches your vibes
The best results can only be delivered if you and your offshore content partner are in sync with the ideas and requirements. Also, check if the work they have done in the past corresponds to your language and design sensibilities. Finally, conduct several rounds of meetings with the potential content agency to find out more about their work philosophy and approach before zeroing in on the right partner.

The Financials
While bringing down expenses is one of the key reasons to outsource, it needn't be the only factor in your decision. The key to successful content outsourcing is working with a long-term partner committed to delivering a quality product, which may not always be the cheapest option.

Agree on agreements
Ensure that the offshore agency you have selected is comfortable signing the necessary agreements like NNN (Non-disclosure, Non-compete, Non-circumvention), IP protection, data security, etc.

Wrap up
In this digitally globalized era, outsourcing your content strategy to an offshore partner promises to accelerate your business growth, but only when you choose the right partner with a deep understanding of your industry vertical and the right resources to turn your vision into reality.

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