Sectors & Clients

We help global and domestic telecom and technology firms define their messaging and create compelling content to drive lead generation and enhance engagement with their target audience. 


The communications ecosystem is ever-evolving, and we are aware of the dynamics of this industry like the back of our hands. With the experience of working with several global and domestic telecom vendors and service providers, we understand your client persona and your products and services. Be it cloud, edge computing, 5G, 4G, private LTE, data centre, and more, we bring expertise and insights that will accelerate your journey. At Deepworkz, we are adept at supporting your marketing efforts with compelling and impactful content. This means that we bring insights to help you achieve your goals more efficiently and in a shorter span.

Enterprise Tech

More and more businesses worldwide are embracing digital tools to enhance productivity, efficiency, and return on investment. Even as they do so, the technology firms need to personalize experiences for their existing and prospective customers. As EY’s CMO for the Americas says, “because everything is digital now, we have more information to help us create and develop user journeys.” You need top-notch B2B content as digital becomes the default medium for B2B marketing campaigns. We work with several IT firms that support enterprises across industry verticals to leverage the immense potential of technology.

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology is slowly but surely taking over the enterprise world. Deepworkz is well-versed with the technology and works with several AI firms, big and small, to enable them to produce best-in-class content to engage with their target audience.

Internet of Things

The upcoming world of connected things is set to disrupt almost every business verticals, including automotive, education, supply chain management, energy distribution, and manufacturing, among others. We support several firms in the IoT ecosystem by producing research-led content that helps them build their brand and convert prospects into clients.


The changing cybersecurity world is at once intriguing and scary. Whether it is educating your workforce or showcasing your security prowess, it demands communication skills and understanding of the subject to go beyond the hype and jargon. Our expert writers are proficient in writing compelling content pieces covering the technical as well as the regulatory, financial, legal, and business impact of a cybersecurity event. We work with several firms have worked with several global firms in this sector.

Trade Publications

We are engaged with several telecoms and IT trade publications worldwide to produce best-in-class thought leadership content for their clients.

“Deepworkz has been an extension of the Parallel Wireless content marketing team in Africa and India for many years. The company’s expertise in writing, understanding regional market trends and keen attention to detail helped us to raise the Parallel Wireless profile as an Open RAN innovator and leader in India and MEA regions. This helped tremendously with attracting and retaining talent in India and gaining market traction in MEA.”

Eugina Jordan

VP – Marketing, Parallel Wireless

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gagandeep on a number of projects over the last 18 months. Gagandeep has a vast knowledge of the telecoms industry and a great ability to summarise complex topics into engaging prose. This has been particularly valuable for Total Telecom and our global audience of telecom professionals. Communication with Gagandeep is easy and her prompt responses always appreciated too, particularly when working to tight deadlines. I look forward to continuing to work with Gagandeep in the future and have no hesitation in recommending her services to others.”

Matt Harris

Sales Director, Total Telecom

“After much research, we decided to work with Deepworkz about two years back. The best part is that the team comes with a good understanding of complex technology terms and our customers. This makes it easy to work with them. We found them reliable, proactive, and consistent with quality.”

Karthik Madhava

Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Lavelle Networks

“We have been working with Deepworkz for some time now and we are pleased with their commitment to deliver quality product even in tight deadlines. Gagandeep and her team comes with a strong sector knowledge that helps in shortening the learning curve and accelerating the project completion,”

Arif Khan

Senior Vice President, VoerEir AB